About Admiral Auto Body

Admiral Auto Body has developed a streamlined production system that replaces the old-line body shop process. This industry-leading system results in a 60% reduction in repair time and raises the bar on quality and customer delivery.

Using lean manufacturing techniques, Admiral Auto Body has eliminated many of the inefficiencies associated with auto body repair. The old way of repairing a car involved one technician working on many vehicles.

Admiral's innovative repair process pairs technicians with task-specific experts, trained to use the latest repair technology when and where it's required. The process involves interdependent steps that are tied together by validated, documented quality verification.

It all starts with a complete "Methodical Breakdown" (copyright pending) of the repair. This leads to a validated, documented repair plan of the vehicle; dramatically reducing typical delays experienced by traditional body shops during the repair process.

Admiral Auto Body is the first body shop in New Jersey to use environmentally-safe Water Borne paint systems. Water Borne paint reduces carbon emissions by over 95% verses the paint systems used by traditional auto body shops, who use solvent-based finishes. By investing in green technology, Admiral is reducing carbon emissions equivelant to taking 1,500 cars off the road, per year!

Rapid Replacement Part Delivery System: Admiral Auto Body uses state of art on line, real time parts purchasing system. All parts needed for confirmed and ordered in real time with in 1 hour of completion of the Methodical Breakdown (cc pending). 70 % of parts are delivered same day, 98 % of parts are delivered with 24 hours of the vehicle arriving at Admiral Auto Body. Traditional Body Shops can take up 7 days for parts delivery.

But the eco-friendly nature of the Admiral Auto Body doesn't stop there. Paint mixing process is computer-controlled to the extent that measurements are precise to the ounce - reducing waste, and recycling is used for all fluids.