Admiral Auto Body Estimate Submission Policy

Your review and agreement with our legal terms is required to request an Admiral Auto Body's Online Estimate.

Your online bid request will be reviewed by an experienced estimator. We believe we can give an estimate of the approximate cost to repair the damage visible in photographs, but often there is unforeseeable, unnoticed or hidden damage which does not come to light until a vehicle is seen in person.Occasionally, there is hidden damage which is not discovered until other damaged parts are removed. For these reasons, your Admiral Auto Body's Estimate is an estimate only, and not a contract to repair your vehicle for the estimated price. A final estimate will be provided when you bring your vehicle in to Admiral Auto Body. for personal inspection by our estimator. You will be notified if any additional hidden damage is found when your vehicle is in the repair process.

Your Admiral Auto Body's Online Estimate is not intended for insurance purposes. If you have insurance, Admiral Auto Body or your insurance company's adjuster must still view the vehicle to provide an accurate estimate for insurance purposes.Therefore, we ask that you request an Admiral Auto Body's Online Estimate for uninsured repair only.

Due to the nature of this online service, by requesting an Admiral Auto Body's Online Estimate you are acknowledging that this is not an estimate in the legal sense according to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Repair Act, but rather, in the practical sense only. This service is provided as a helpful guide in the repair of your vehicle, and is not an offer to repair the vehicle for the estimated cost. You are not authorizing Admiral Auto Body to perform repairs to your vehicle by requesting an online estimate.

In order that we may continue to provide our customers with prompt estimates and repairs, please do not request an Admiral Auto Body's Online Estimate if you are not willing to have your vehicle towed or brought to Mays Landing, NJ for repair.

This estimate is a service intended for private individual use only and is not intended for the use of insurance companies or businesses. We may refuse to provide an Admiral Auto Body's Online Estimate at any time.

If you agree with these statements and qualify for an online estimate, please click continue to estimating form below. We are glad you have found Admiral Auto Body Online. online and look forward to meeting and working with you.

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